Philadelpia Real Wedding Photos by A.H. Pham

Unlike so many photographers who exited the womb with a Polaroid camera in one hand and a Holga attached around the umbilical cord, my story starts much later. I actually didn’t get into photography until after being a [barely] legal adult with my thumb placed firmly in mouth.

Just having graduated high school and not a care in the world, my family gave me a Canon point and shoot as a graduation gift. I started photographing everything I could and thought I was pretty good at it. My friends did, too, but what did we know?

I soon learned that we, like Jon Snow, knew nothing, that my images were in fact, crap. I enrolled at the Community College of Philadelphia [aka KKF] and stumbled accidentally into their photography department. After a couple of years floating around there picking up knowledge like a shoe picks up debris in a movie theater, I had somehow attracted the attention of a well established wedding photographer due to my friendly demeanor and constant tardiness to the Photoshop class we shared a lab in.

After having surely imploded at my first job, I was surprised to hear that my work was actually passable, and was invited back to shoot more and more gigs. After a year, I received the surprising news that I was promoted to a primary role and would be headlining my own weddings for the company. That was back in 2007 where my professional journey had begun.

Personally, it goes much back further than that. I missed my sister’s wedding when I was 15, having gotten myself into a spot of trouble, as boys will be boys. She had been planning her gorgeous Malibu beach wedding, and not being able to be there for it devastated me. When it was all said and done, all I had were the wedding albums and video to retell the story I could not be present for. These pictures captured so much emotion and history that it instilled within me a love of the art, even if it had taken years and a chance encounter to realize it.

People don’t always believe me when I tell them I love wedding photography, that it’s just a means for another outlet, something merely to pay the bills. What they don’t get is that my passions aren’t limited to a single medium, and that all of them are this malleable form that ebbs and flows through my work. You can see my love for still life, my love for landscapes, and my love for portraiture all combine to tell your story.

I go into weddings not as a job, but as a carrier of your memories. You’ve entrusted me to capture the narrative of your wedding day, and that’s an honor I hold very dear to my heart. Thank you for reading about my beginnings and how weddings have affected me, I hope it brings us to a closer understanding of my work and how I may fit on your big day.